Many women ask that very question to themselves, why do men lie? It’s important for any woman who wants to date a man to know exactly when men become dishonest and how to avoid being lied to in the future. Here are some dating tips on how to deal with the topic of lying.

Understanding Why Men Lie

Men lie because they’re afraid of being punished. They don’t lie to intentionally inflict pain and suffering on women. They are often fearful of the consequences. This is why when dating a man, it’s important to have open lines of communication at all times.

Men need to feel valued and safe in a relationship. If a woman sets a tone in which she’s always on his case, then he won’t have the motivation to tell the truth. Guys want to be open and honest, but they need an incentive to do so. For example, tell him you won’t get angry if he owns up to something. This helps to create a healthier relationship moving forward.

Discern between White Lies and Big Lies

Guys often feel they can tell little white lies, like ‘’Gee you look great in that outfit’’, when that might not be the case! It’s important to have a clear understanding between lies that are harmless and lies that are a clear betrayal. When two people are dating each other, there needs to be a definition of what constitutes a lie, so that both people can be on the same page.

Don’t Smother Men

Sometimes men lie because they feel smothered. They often lie so they can spend time with their friends. Women need to understand that a relationship can only thrive when both people are able to have some time away from each other. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Allowing a guy to go out, without constantly checking up on him via text message and social media can be very beneficial to a relationship. Trust cannot be built if you have to constantly check in on him, because he’ll feel as though he’s being treated like a child and could rebel because of it. Men are adults and they need to be treated as such. If a woman is too distrustful of a guy, the relationship will not be a healthy one.

Create an Environment Where a Man Feels Appreciated

If you create a peaceful and non-blaming environment, he’ll feel comfortable in your company and he’ll feel safe to open up and tell the truth. The worst thing you can do is to nag him!

How to stop nagging

There’s nothing more certain to make a man lie to you than to nag him! He’ll pull way and retreat mentally, and therefore lie if it means the nagging will stop. Try to respond to situations rather than react, it’s the quick unthinking reaction that turns into arguments and ultimately nagging!

Lying often evolves over time because men begin to think that their lies will help make things easier at home. If a man is seeing someone else, they are dishonest and lie because they don’t want to hurt the woman’s feelings, and they may not have fully committed to moving on from the other person. This is why couples who are dating need to be honest with each other. As time goes by, the focus needs to be on giving men reasons not to lie. If a woman is approachable and doesn’t get upset at the smallest thing, then men will respond by being honest and not feeling the need to lie. This results in a much happier and healthier relationship!

Do you want to look deeper into why men lie to you? Then I suggest watching this video by internationally known relationship expert Michael Fiore on why men will lie to you. Michael is blunt, funny and always honest, and has appeared on TV many times. He knows what he’s talking about.

Simply click here to watch the video: Why He Lies

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