It’s the morning after a night out with a guy you just met. You thought the night went well, you seemed to get on with each other, he acted like he was attracted to you, you shared some great conversation together …… but …as you lie there on your bed, staring at your phone, you ask the question, why hasn’t he called me? Did I get it wrong? Maybe he isn’t into me? Maybe he already has someone else? What did I do wrong?! Stop it! You’re driving yourself crazy! There are many legitimate reasons why he didn’t call you. To put your mind at rest, here are a few of them!

He doesn’t want to appear too eager!

A common reason is that he doesn’t want to appear too eager and wants you to do some of the chasing. He doesn’t want to appear too needy, that he actually has a life outside of this dating relationship. In this scenario, he will call, but he’ll do it on his own terms and in his own time!

For some reason, he can’t call you!

There is a chance that he simply just can’t call you right now. Maybe he’s at work? Maybe he’s visiting a family member or a friend in hospital? Maybe he’s lost his phone or just simply run out of credit? Hey, it does happen! Or could it be that he’s just simply lost your number? Either way, there are lots of reasons he simply can’t call, whatever that reason may be.

He was drunk and has forgotten

Did he have too much to drink last night when he promised to call you? Maybe that’s made him forget, or he could still be suffering from a hangover and is sleeping it off. If this is the case, then he needs time to recover.

He’s upset or angry

How did the night really go? Were you both involved in an altercation, an argument or disagreement about something? Was there something you said that might have hurt his feelings in some way? Men can be touchy sometimes and something you said that you thought was quite ok to say, might be eating away at him. He’ll need some time to cool down if this is the case. He will get over it!

He’s deciding how much he likes you

It’s possible he hasn’t decided yet how much he really likes you. Guys need time to process things, after all if it was the first date, there might be some uncertainty over whether he wants to continue seeing you or not.

He doesn’t want to feel pressured

Men like to call the shots and do things in their own time. They don’t want to feel like they are on a leash and have to ‘report to their partner,’ they like their freedom and simply want to do things on their own terms and in their own time.

He has changed his mind

Well, unfortunately, not all stories end well. You might not be his type, maybe you weren’t that compatible? You might be into him, but he just might not be into you. It’s sad, but sometimes true. Maybe he already has a partner, a wife even! If so, he could have come to his senses the next day, after the alcohol has left his body and changed his mind about seeing you again.


Don’t necessarily think that because he hasn’t called, he’s not interested in you. As you can see, there are many possible reasons. What you do about it is your choice. You can wait and give him more time, or you can simply call him and find out for yourself. It could be something simple and your relationship could blossom further, or the answer you get might not be what you wanted. Either way, trust in destiny and remember; everything happens for a reason. If you are meant to be together, you will be, if not, time to find somebody else!

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