We’ve been told often that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We’re bombarded with talk shows and books telling us that members of the opposite sex are entirely different. Movies try to show the glaring disparities between men and women. Contrary to common belief, understanding men in relationships isn’t rocket science. Men are not mysterious and they’re not wired entirely differently. If you’re struggling to get a grip of any man, here are 7 secrets that will give you a great head start.

1) Communicate don’t whine

Communication is integral in any relationship. Truth be told, men love being talked to not being whined upon. You have to learn how to speak and engage him in open communication. Don’t whine, just sit down and talk with him. Give him time to speak his mind and listen to what he says. You’ve also got to communicate everything, not just what you want him to hear. That way, you’ll form a great bond and be able to understand each other more effectively.

2) Men just want to be men

Every man has a mental picture or impression of what being a man is. And being a man really means a lot to your guy just as much as what being a girl means to you. Apparently, there are some things that men don’t like doing because it doesn’t resonate with their image of being a man. That may put you off, but don’t get mad. Your guy is wired to act as a man. That’s it. So don’t coax him or nudge him to do anything that makes him uncomfortable.

3) Men want to be appreciated

We’ve been raised up knowing men need to be tough and not whiny. That’s not true. Men are emotional creatures just like women. They need to be shown affection, admiration, and appreciation as well. You’ve got to show him that he’s the only guy you desire and acknowledge his successes. Don’t just do it once in a while, make it a lifelong habit and he’ll truly feel that he’s a special person in your life.

4) Men love their mums

Unbelievably, most men have strong ties to their mothers. It’s something that’s hard to explain. As a lady, you’ve got to build a relationship with his mother. Don’t fight his mum or talk negatively about her. His mum was there way before you came into the picture. Just because your guy is affectionate towards his mum doesn’t mean he cares less about you. He loves you, but obviously honors and loves his mum in a special way. You can have a great relationship with a guy but don’t forget the special place men have in their hearts for their mothers.

5) Let’s talk about sex

Men are sexually active by nature. That’s why they always initiate relationships and seduce women. Understanding this point is essential to creating and sustaining a healthy relationship. You need to fulfil the sexual needs of your guy as often as you can. If he doesn’t get enough sex from you, chances are he’ll look for satisfaction elsewhere. Think about what you’re doing and what you’re not doing to make him happy in bed. Don’t be shy to talk about sex. It’s a special part of a relationship that must be consummated.

6) Men value fidelity

If you’re in a relationship, you need to stick by your man. Some ladies jump from relationship to relationship and wonder why no man wants to commit to them. You’ve got to be the first and only option to a man. Don’t play around with men if you’re in a relationship. Stick with him come rain or shine and you’ll have a great relationship.

7) Men value trust

Trust is everything to a man, more so in a romantic relationship. You can’t have a great relationship if trust is broken. In fact, trust is what sustains a relationship. Your guy wants you to be a confidant and a soul mate. You’ve got to earn trust and preserve it at all costs. Without trust, your relationship will run aground. Trust makes a relationship grow and stand the test of time.

If you’re in a relationship, you need to master the art of understanding a man. You need to communicate openly, be faithful, appreciate him, and respect his mother. Trust is also key in a man’s life. If you do all these things right, you’ll implant yourself firmly in the soul, body, and mind of any guy.

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