Many women think it’s a ‘hazardous task’ and they need to do something miraculous to make a man fall madly in love with them. The important thing is that if you can love yourself, you can make a guy fall head-over-heels in love with you and some small adjustments in your behavior and attitude can deliver miraculous results. When you start loving yourself, putting your skills to work for attracting a great guy becomes an uncomplicated task.

Take a look at these important tips:

Be yourself

The most important thing is, you shouldn’t pretend that you’re somebody else. Be yourself and talk to the guy without any prejudices. It doesn’t mean you have to think and act only in the way you like, but you shouldn’t sacrifice the true essence of your personality by trying to introduce some drastic changes. Whenever a guy feels that a woman is fairly straightforward and doesn’t have any pretentious nature, he feels naturally attracted .

Never undermine the importance of body language

Your body language is an important factor and he should feel that you’re genuinely interested in him. On certain occasions, body language and actions convey better than words and it’s always advisable to signal your interest with subtle non-verbal clues. It can be done successfully using your body language. For example; simple gestures like leaning towards him while talking, taking a sip of your drink when he does and picking up on his words to be repeated later in the conversation can make a lasting impact.

Make him feel he’s needed

When a guy feels like he’s needed, immediate attraction is generated. You should always let him do things for you, simple activities like allowing him to pick you up from the airport or helping you fix something around your home can do the trick and such an attitude makes him feel that he’s taking care of you. Don’t forget to thank him and show your appreciation!

Use statements and try to avoid questions

When you message or email him, you don’t have to fill it with lots of questions. If you can make an effective use of statements in your messages, you can entice interest optimally. For example, include statements like “you look like (a star) in (a movie)” it immediately attracts interest. He’ll be dying to know why and by doing so you’re leaving him wanting more. At the same time you must remember that unwanted questions like, ‘where are you right now‘, ‘what are you doing‘ and ‘why didn’t you call me yesterday‘ can make him feel uncomfortable and irritated as well.

Focus on spending quality time instead of quantity time

Many women think if they want to make a guy fall for them, they should spend maximum time with him. It’s a wrong perception, because allowing him to miss you once in a while makes the relationship more interesting. Make the most of the time you have together, talk about what’s important, have fun together and he’ll be coming back for more!

Be attentive and humorous

Guys always love to talk about themselves and when you listen to them, they’ll find you attractive and charming. You need to be a good listener instead of talking too much yourself. You can tease him without ridiculing him and be attentive to his opinions, comments and jokes. Humor elicits emotions and you should try to enjoy his jokes. When a guy finds out that you know how to take a joke, (especially his jokes!) he may feel like he knows you instantly and you can also be humorous back (without hurting his ego of course!)


Always be yourself, there’s no need to hide your personality. Start loving yourself. Have a positive attitude towards life and be polite and friendly towards the guy. Your body language should communicate the right emotions and make him feel that he’s needed.

The messages should leave him wanting for more and it’s always good to allow him to miss you once in a while to make the relationship more exciting. You need to be a good listener and you also should know how to take his jokes. There’s no harm in teasing him but he shouldn’t feel like he’s being ridiculed.

Most of all enjoy his company and he’ll enjoy yours!

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