So you’ve reached that stage of your relationship when you’re ready to move to the next level. Whether you’ve been together for a month, or you’ve just spent five lovely minutes together, waiting for that kiss can be quite intimidating. The fact is that it’s as intimidating for him, as it is for you. No matter what stage of your relationship you’re in, when you want a guy to kiss you, situations need to be created so that he goes for it, without fearing rejection. So, here’s how you do it.

Give attention to his lips – this will create a faint clue that surely won’t be overlooked. If he consciously doesn’t understand that you’re doing it, you can be sure that subconsciously, he’ll pick up the signal. He’ll subconsciously get the message that you like looking at his lips, but you want something more, you want to experience them really close.

He too needs to pay attention to your lips – he needs to know that you’re noticing his lips, but you also need to draw his attention to yours. You can try a bold lipstick for the purpose, but some clever nonverbal cues can also work wonders. If he says something shocking, you can place your hand over your mouth while laughing, and this will help draw his attention. Or, if he asks you some question, place your finger at the side of your mouth, and pretend as if you’re thinking of an answer. The message will be sent across that this is exactly where you desire his touch to be.

Get rid of the touch barrier – this technique always works, and always will. Whenever you feel you need to be a little closer to him, but he hasn’t made the move yet, you make the move!

Hang on! Men are not stupid – every man knows that at the end of the date, there comes a certain point when a particular action is generally expected. If until now, that move hasn’t been made, chances are you haven’t given him any prompts, or perhaps he’s not really interested. Hang on when your date comes to an end, and wait for his next move. He knows why you’re waiting. He’ll either do what you’ve been waiting for, or he won’t.

Decrease the distance so as to make him comfortable – hugging and holding, as suggested by Cosmopolitan magazine, can certainly work in your favor. If you try and decrease the physical distance between you, it can rid him of some of the pressure and help him make the move. If you’re dating him for the first time, then, at the end of your date, you can give him a nice warm hug. Don’t just let go, hold him for a few moments, look into his eyes, and tell him you’ve had a great time. This will help him understand what you’re waiting for.

Ask him when he’s going to kiss you – if you’ve gone out for dates with this guy a few times, you’ll surely know by now if he’s interested, or else he wouldn’t be dating you again and again. If he hasn’t yet made the move, perhaps he’s quite shy. You can ask him directly, “So, when are you going to kiss me?” This reflects your confidence, and men love confident women. This shows your interest, and if he too is interested, he’ll likely laugh, and then make his move. If he still doesn’t kiss you, you’ll know where you stand, and stop waiting for him to make the move.

As far as kissing is concerned, if he’s interested as much as you are, he’ll not likely make any move if he senses any chance of humiliation or rejection. You can make things easier for him, by creating the right setting, which will give him the green signal. If however, you’ve done your bit, but he still hasn’t gone for it, then perhaps he doesn’t want to. If that’s the case, don’t try to push it, as you might end up feeling humiliated and rejected.

Understand your guy, give him the cues, and there shouldn’t be any difficulty in taking things to the next level.

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