Do you envy other women who always seem to find great boyfriends? Do you consider yourself unlucky when it comes to finding yourself any decent guy? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, there are hundreds of women just like you, in the same predicament wondering, ‘how do I get a boyfriend’?

Here are seven things to know to help you on your way:


Establish a good network of contacts

If you want to get a boyfriend, you’ll need to have a large network of contacts. If you try to curtail yourself to a very limited circle of friends and contacts, then you limit your chances of finding that hot guy you want to find. You don’t really know from where your soul mate will walk into your life, however good connections do speed things up.

Make yourself visible

How else can you get guys to find you or to get interested in you if you’re not going to make yourself visible? No matter how shy you are, never avoid social gatherings. The more you make yourself visible in these social gatherings the faster you’ll get hooked onto that Mr. Right.

If you’re lacking in self confidence, don’t worry there are many people who are. But you don’t have to stay that way. Self confidence can be learned and being self confident can really help you, not only in your search for a boyfriend, but in all your relationships going forward. If you’d like to ‘skyrocket’ your self confidence to astonishing new levels and turn yourself into a ‘man magnet’, click on the link below.

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Learn to be adventurous

Be ready to explore various options and be ready to be adventurous! Don’t rush in to decide if someone is your type or not. At times, like women, men too put on a front and try to be someone they’re not. When you get closer to them, you’ll find their real identity and you might like what you find. If you don’t try, then you could miss out on these great guys! So learn to be adventurous and do some exploring!



Find out whether the person is already into a steady relationship

Before you take things any further, it’s important to ensure the person you’re interested in, is not already in a relationship. This may sound obvious, but this isn’t always thought about. So don’t assume they are ‘available’, do your research and save yourself from unnecessary heartbreak down the track.

Make yourself approachable

This is very important and you need to send out strong signals to make it easy for the other person to approach you without much hesitation. You need to remember that even the hottest looking guys that appear very confident have their own share of hesitation. So make it easy for them to approach you. A smile is a good start to show you’re interested and encourages him to come over and make conversation.

Grab the opportunity

Finally, when the person you’re interested in shows signs of interest in you, don’t wait for him to utter the perfect first liners, but grab the opportunity yourself. You’re not looking for Mr. Perfect here, but you are looking for Mr. Right, a guy that’ll make you feel special.

Take time to talk

However, it’s important not to rush things. You’ll need to take time to talk and to understand each other before you take things any further and get emotionally involved.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t stare at the ceiling any longer, contemplating for hours on how to get a boyfriend, act now and you’ll soon be in the arms of your special guy!

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