Are you trying to attract a guy? Have your previous attempts gone miserably wrong? Or are you simply tired of being lonely? Many other women are also in a similar situation. They desire to have “Mr. Right” by their side. Unfortunately, they are yet to find him.

In order to find your guy, you first need to be attractive to them… The following are some effective ways that can make a woman appear attractive in the eyes of a man:


Self-confidence and attractiveness go hand-in-hand. A woman who has high self-esteem is seen as an attractive woman. She is able to strike a conversation effortlessly. She can also express herself without difficulty. Men love to be around confident women. Therefore, the first thing you need to check is your self-confidence or self-esteem.

Are you shy? Do you always wait for a guy to make the first move? Or do you feel unattractive? You need to work on your self-confidence first. Look in the mirror and admire the person looking back, saying positive empowering words to yourself. What you say to yourself is so very important!

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Be Real

In pursuit of looking attractive to men, many women will do almost anything. Unfortunately, some even go to the extent of faking who they are. They will live an imaginary life. This will be depicted in their conversation, their dress and much more. Sadly, this usually causes more harm than good. The only way for you to attract a man is to be genuine. A good guy will like you for who you are and not what you pretend to be. As they say, honesty is the best policy. And many men love this in a woman. Therefore, you should always be real.

Speak Your Mind

The common notion is that a man will find you attractive if you have common interests. Maybe you love the same sports, love nature, or have a similar hobby. While this is true, men appreciate women who are true to themselves. If you don’t like something he likes, tell him, he’ll like you more for being honest! Most men like a woman who speaks her mind.

Look Your Best

The first thing a man will most likely take notice of is how you dress. Are you looking neat and stylish? Is your sense of fashion on point? Does it compliment your figure? These questions will be on a man’s mind when he glances or even stares at you. To avoid any embarrassing moments, look your best at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a walk in the neighborhood, or going to the grocery store, you could meet that guy anywhere and at any time. Therefore, always invest in good clothes, makeup and take time to look good in front of the mirror.

Healthy Conversation

How you’re able to handle a conversation will greatly influence your attractiveness to the man. Are you able to strike a meaningful conversation? Do you give a one word reply? Or do you stare down when answering or asking a question? It’s true that most of us are a bit shy especially when meeting a person for the first time. Nonetheless, we should be able to mask or deal with the shyness. Always look the guy straight in the eyes. Don’t forget to ask him plenty of questions as well as telling him all about yourself. This will surely keep him interested!

We all want to look attractive. This applies to women from all walks of life and of all ages. However, it all starts with you. You first have to believe you’re attractive. This applies to your physique, social skills, intellect and more.

Sadly, many women will want to look attractive based on what other people deem attractive. Always make sure you follow your heart and use your mind, not someone else’s.


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