Have you ever experienced a strong sense of attraction to a guy you’ve met, or to one you’ve known for a while, and would love to go out with him, but just don’t know how to go about asking him? Many women are still influenced by tradition and leave it entirely to the guy to ask, but times have changed and this really no longer has to be the case.

Here are a few useful tips on how to ask a guy out:

Drop Hints

Whether the guy you’d like to go out with is already a friend, an acquaintance or someone you’ve just met, make sure he’s available. You can find this out by asking friends and acquaintances who know him, or by casually talking to him yourself.

Once you know he’s available, start off by seizing opportunities to talk to him and drop hints that you’re interested, such as complimenting him on his looks, dress sense, achievements, or simply say that you enjoy talking to him and enjoy his company. In many cases guys will drop hints back to you whether they like you or not. If he’s not interested, he may not appear keen to talk more, he may appear uncomfortable, or he may make excuses to avoid talking to you. At least this gives you some idea whether it’s worth asking him out or not.

Don’t forget, you can also create opportunities to spend some time with him and talk. If you have mutual friends with mutual interests, you can include him in your group social activities, which might include participating in mutual activities and hobbies, or going to a concert, cinema or sports event.

Plan what you’re going to say

If your interactions so far with this guy are positive and there’s no indication that he’s not interested in you, you can start thinking about how you’re going to ask him out and what you’re going to say. You may just wish to ask him outright, if he’ll go out with you. Or you may prefer to gradually introduce the conversation by talking about your mutual interests, or the things you like or admire about him, or how long you’ve known each other.

One of the following methods can then be used to ask this guy out:

Ask him face to face

Arrange to meet him for coffee or drinks and during your meeting together, you can ask him if he’d like to go out with you.

Ask him by phone

If you don’t wish to ask him out face to face, then if you know his phone number, ask him by phone. Ask a friend or mutual acquaintance for his number if you don’t have it.

Message him
Let’s face it, many of us do find the prospect of asking a guy out daunting. If you don’t wish to ask him face to face or over the phone, then there’s other ways you can do it. Email or text him. This way ensures you won’t mess up or forget what you planned on saying, as you’ll have time to draft out your message and be sure you’ve included all you wanted to say.

Ask a friend to ask him for you
If you have a friend who knows this guy, then you could ask your friend to ask him if he’ll go out with you. Try this method if you don’t have the nerve to do the asking yourself.

Whichever method you decide to use, it’s worth remembering that it’s now considered totally acceptable for the woman to be the one to ask, rather than wait and hope that ‘he’ does. Guys can find it just as hard and daunting to ask someone out as women do, and many guys do actually appreciate being asked out. Many women find that it saves a lot of time if they do the asking. Hopefully these tips will help give you some ideas and confidence on how to ask a guy out.

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