There comes a time in a relationship when we start expecting the “L” word. However, this milestone is never as easy as it’s made out to be – especially with men. Because they’re more closed off in terms of emotional connections and the “mushy mushy” stuff, they are probably not going to say it outright to you, even if they want to.

Some men do, of course, and it’s because they are all different. If you have this type of guy, you are one step ahead. The majority of men, on the other hand, feel that saying or expressing their deep feelings they’ve developed towards you is a huge milestone and they don’t want to say it unless they’re completely sure. So if this is the man you’re dealing with, patience is the key.

Chances are he loves you, it’s just that he hasn’t got around to the vocal part. Meanwhile, if the relationship has been intact for a substantially long period of time and you feel like it’s time, but he hasn’t told you yet, there are a few things you can look out for, call them clues, as to how he really feels about you.

He keeps in touch…

If a relationship has been going on for a while, there are two possibilities: the initial excitement wears off and the couple become distant OR it steadily holds and/or increases and the couple can’t get enough of each other. How do you know which side he’s in? Analyse his communication patterns. If he’s constantly texting or calling, or wanting to spend time with you (of course, not the point of annoyance), chances are he’s into you! So much so that even after a long period of dating, he’s still behaving as if he’s just meeting you for the first time. This is a great sign that he’s grown fond of you and may even be falling in love!

He gets down to the intimate details…

This is an extremely important clue generally, depending on the timing. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, he should begin expressing his intimate details, the ones he doesn’t necessarily share with anyone else. For men, this is quite the milestone in a relationship, because when it comes to emotions, it’s difficult for them to open up. However, if he starts sharing serious issues, his dreams, goals, childhood memories, and his family in detail, be sure he feels you deserve to know, because you’re special to him. All this must be after a long period of time of course, because if it’s shared on the first few dates, it isn’t the same and it’s most likely not love.

He wants to share experiences with you…even the risky ones

A man wanting to spend time with you wouldn’t care what he does, as long as he’s with you. So if you ask him to dress up as a unicorn to help you with a children’s festival and he agrees, great news for you, he’s probably in love. Not only will he agree with your seemingly silly requests for activities, but he’ll be excited to do them. When this is the case, you can be sure that he’s feeling much more than just mere admiration.

He treats you right…

Even though this should be obvious, it’s still a clue. There’s a tendency for relationships to lose this element of special treatment, especially as time wears on, but if he keeps his luster in treating you like a princess even after a long time, it means he sees something in you that prompts him to treat you as such. Furthermore, it’s an indication of his care and deep feelings for you that keep him excited and want to care for you.

Not only in a physical sense, but this also applies on an emotional level. If he protects you and is deeply concerned about your emotional state, hooray! It took him a great deal of time and contemplation to get to this stage and even if he hasn’t said it yet, you can be sure this is another hint.

If he says it…
Women tend to be overly analytical and defensive when men tell them they love them, and they’re feelings are often justified because some men use this word to get what they want.

However, in most instances, women know if he means it or not deep down in their hearts because he’s probably shown all the signs before he actually said it. To finally say those three words is no easy feat, especially for men, so when he says it, he most likely means it.

All in all, in a serious relationship, men are timid when it comes to using the “L” word. And this is not because they don’t feel love towards you, rather, it’s because they’d like to take their time and be absolutely sure before saying it.

This is a great thing because when he finally says it, you can be certain he means it. However, if you aren’t so sure, don’t wait for the words to be spelled out, read between the lines. You are more likely to find hints there.

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