Do you dream of finding your one true love? How far are you willing to go to find the ‘one’? You know he’s out there, but just don’t know how to find him. The search for true love has inspired people since the dawn of time and stories of star-crossed lovers abound in film and literature. The reason that these stories of great loves like Romeo and Juliet are so popular is because every person yearns to find their soul mate.

For many years now, we’ve been told that there are plenty of fish in the sea, however through trial and error, most people find out that finding true love isn’t always that easy. If you want to catch him and keep him, here are 7 secrets to finding true love.

 1. Mr. Right List

If you’re trying to find your soul mate, what kind of guy are you looking for? Understanding this will be the key to opening up better avenues and paths in your search for love. Try to pinpoint the type of partner you’re looking for. What are the most important aspects you want in your life partner? Should he be attractive? Charming? Ambitious? Or, all of the above? You need to be very clear on these issues. Also understand the type of commitment you’re looking for, your feelings about children and even where you want to live.

Sometimes, it’s not easy making a checklist in love, but it’s always better to have one. Remember, checklists are very important in long term relationships. Love at first sight and passion won’t care about such a list, but when the passion fades, reality strikes and you wish you’d stuck to your list.

 2. Break Your Deadly Dating Patterns

The problem with many people is doing the same thing, the same way and expecting different results. If you really want to find ‘the one’, start by breaking your deadly dating patterns. (You meet a hot guy, you spend a 5 hour date with him, next you’re having sex, it’s magic and then he disappears!) Sound familiar?

This is not the right way to find your soul mate. And if you really want to go in the right direction, you need to change the way you do things. It’s recommended by experts to avoid having sex during the dating & selection period unless you’re okay with being emotionally bound to him. Avoid having sex with him unless he fits your qualities on the Mr. Right list.

3. Think Outside the Box

When it comes to dating, we are often creatures of habit. However, true love can appear anywhere. Branch out from your typical dating ‘pool’. Start meeting new friends and try moving outside your old circle. The rules of dating have changed drastically over the past 2 decades. There are various new methods you can utilize to meet men. For example, you can try online dating. The massive popularity of the internet has led to the creation of many legitimate online dating services.

4. Be Clear about your Expectations

During the first few dates, you need to be clear with men about your expectations. At first, this can be scary and very awkward, but with time it becomes a less nerve racking experience. Being honest from the start will save you lots of time and emotional energy. Don’t settle for silent expectations that will only lead to disappointment.

5. Love Yourself First

Practice loving yourself all the time; take care of yourself, engage in activities that please & relax you and spend ‘quality time with yourself. Loving and respecting yourself makes you a more attractive woman to be with. When you love yourself, you spread magnetic energy to people around you, and before you know it, you’re surrounded by people who love and respect you back.

6. Heal Your Past

When you hold on to unresolved issues from your past relationships, they become the emotional baggage in your future relationships. Letting go of the past can be a liberating experience that contributes to your own well-being and that of your future relationships.

7. Sustain Your Love

After finding your true love, you need to keep him, but getting your true love to commit to you doesn’t have to be a tough job.

You just need to be loving, supportive and above all a strong woman. Speak with respect, express gratitude and embrace forgiveness. All this will give him more reasons to want to be with you forever.

Looking for a soul mate can take a long time and can cause many people to give up hope. It’s important that you motivate yourself and make sure you don’t give up.

If a relationship fails, then don’t let that drag you down. Don’t settle for something less. In many cases, we get into a relationship with expectations of the future that’s extremely important to us, believing he’ll come around, only to realize years later things never changed.

Take your time, and remember good things come to us if we believe and take action!

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