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'Finding your soulmate is life's greatest discovery' - Ben Yardley

Why Didn’t He Call Me?

It’s the morning after a night out with a guy you just met. You thought the night went well, you seemed to get on with each other, he acted like he was attracted to you, you shared some great conversation together …… but …as you lie there on your bed, staring at your...

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How Do I Get Him To Commit?

Are you dating a guy who is afraid of commitment? Have you been dating him for a long time now and are wondering why he hasn’t taken the relationship to the next phase? Why hasn’t he even talked about commitment with you? Well don’t worry; there are ways to reach a...

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How To Get A Guy To Kiss You

So you’ve reached that stage of your relationship when you’re ready to move to the next level. Whether you’ve been together for a month, or you’ve just spent five lovely minutes together, waiting for that kiss can be quite intimidating. The fact is that it’s as...

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Why Do Men Lie?

Many women ask that very question to themselves, why do men lie? It’s important for any woman who wants to date a man to know exactly when men become dishonest and how to avoid being lied to in the future. Here are some dating tips on how to deal with the topic of...

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How To Make A Guy Fall For You

Many women think it’s a 'hazardous task' and they need to do something miraculous to make a man fall madly in love with them. The important thing is that if you can love yourself, you can make a guy fall head-over-heels in love with you and some small adjustments in...

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How To Ask A Guy Out

Have you ever experienced a strong sense of attraction to a guy you’ve met, or to one you’ve known for a while, and would love to go out with him, but just don't know how to go about asking him? Many women are still influenced by tradition and leave it entirely to the...

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